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Utsuro No Hako To Zero No Maria Volume 3

21 June, 2013

The Empty Box and The Zeroth Maria Volume 3



In a game of death featuring 6 contestants. The 3 superheros and other ‘abnormal’ students find themselves in a grim survival game which only a maximum of 3 can possibly survive.

The “Game Of The Idle King” begins.

The King, who can order Murder by the hands of the Sorcerer & Knight; Switching places with his Double to survive a turn. He wins only if the Prince & Revolutionary are killed.

The Double, Able to use Murder if the King has used substitution or been killed. Victory achieved if the Prince & Revolutionary die.

The Prince, who is immune to sorcery; may only order execution once both the King & Double have died. To win the King, Revolutionary and Double must die.

The Knight, able to choose whether to deliver the deathblow ordered by Murder; only usable if Sorcerer has died. He must take revenge upon the royal family through the deaths of the King & Prince to survive.

The Sorcerer, can choose whether to commit the Murder via his Sorcery. He need only survive.

The Revolutionary, able to Assassinate any target once per day. Victory through the deaths of the Prince, The Double, The King.

When deceit and trickery seem the only way to stay ahead and survive. How will Maria & Kazuki break free of this newest Box threat? Will they be able to reason with those who are fearful for their own lives while time reaches ever closer to the deadline of complete game over?


The setup of this game is something that likely exists in other media. However for me personally it is new and I found it most interesting and believe it suited the feel of intrigue and conspiracy that seems to run prevail ant for the volume.

From the beginning we’re positive of the culprit, yet over time (as is now the norm) we lost our certainty. Things that run completely contradictory to what should be throw us into tailspins and we find ourselves worried for the mental wellbeing and emotional stability of our characters.

In this volume we see a little bit of how Kazuki has become so focused upon “Everyday Living” We see Maria relegated to the sidelines as this situation disables any who would be incapable of violence.

One may think it a bit repetitive once they realise that the game doesn’t end after it’s completion. However so far the ‘repeats’ have been different and shown unique insights into each character as they find themselves in different roles.

The very ending makes me shake my head and think to myself “You got me again you crafty author you! *tut tuts and waves finger*” I can’t decide if I’ll be responsible and try to get 6 hours sleep before work tomorrow or start the next volume and make an absolute stop at 3 hours till work <_< Curse you evil author 😉

As such I’d give this another 8/10. This may seem boring as all the others also received it. But I say instead “Consistency” I’m enjoying that each of these volumes leaves me wanting to voraciously tear into the next and absorb it’s information.

 Rating 8/10


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