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Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir


Set in a magical world where one war ended with the destruction of a country in possession of a powerful artifact led straight into a new war between the two surviving kingdoms who desired it.

Odin Sphere tells a saga of the time of prophecy where the end of the world is on the horizon and the great powers are trying to do what they can to ensure they are the ones to survive it.

Gwendolyn, Valkyrie of Aesir; Cornelius, Prince of Pookas; Mercedes, Queen of Fairies; Oswald, Shadow Knight; Velvet, Witch of Valentine.

Each of these characters will cross each others path on the road to Armageddon as they fates intertwine. Will they find the things they seek and survive it all?

Read through the books while you stroke your cat in the attic to find what happened at the end of the story.



Reminiscent of arcade side-scrollers, OdinSphere offers much in the way of story while not losing to its roots of quick paced combat in the scrolling maps.

OdinSphere offers flexible difficulty that can be changed on the fly so that if you wish to enjoy the compelling story you can breeze through the campaign or if you enjoy to work for your rewards… Force yourself into the corner where boss fights require knowledge of the mechanics.

One of the defining aspects of the game is how the system rewards you based on your ‘score’ on each screen which is determined by how quickly and effectively you combat. Higher scores naturally snowball into keeping your power at the level needed to maintain future scores.

Unlike some games that use similar score rewards though (Chaos Legion *cough cough*) You are not going to be punished for scoring poorly. you can revisit the stage and work on improving as much as you desire. without losing any of the obtained benefits, if you hit the wall this grind will be how to bounce back.

Interestingly the easiest way to level and build a characters survival in this game is through the food system. Which gives XP and permanent HP.

if you combine the Passive skill from level ups with a max rank Yogurt and go on a Massfeeding. you will gain more an insane advantage.

I started the game because the box has been staring at me for a few months now and I decided to work on my Gaming backlog. From the beginning to the end. I became absorbed into the story, which takes a twist in telling through each of the 5 characters one at a time. gradually revealing the greater scheme and giving answers to questions raised in the first few chapters.

Growing attached to the characters and seeing their inner thoughts to events that occur really keep ones interest in the story alive and give one hopes towards what may happen in the ending.

Should the player achieve all possible scenes and follow the Prophecy at the end, then the rewarded ‘True Ending’ is well worth it. (though the bad endings can also be bitterly enjoyable as well)

If you have played games such as Dust~An Elysian Tale and enjoyed them. Then I would recommend giving this game a try.

Banzai for Norse Mythology and Epics turned into stories

Rating 7/10



There are those who so clearly would not survive should you take from them thier friends.

There are those who would somehow persevere and in time make more.

There are those who live life without connecting to anyone and for them this is happiness.

Then there are those who don’t need a flock of people.
They could make it through alone.
But truly they desire for that danger of human contact.
They don’t care about popularity or fitting in.
Only on finding someone who will show they are not alone.

You take the first away and you will see them fade away to nothing.

You take the second and they will be shaken. But they won’t give up and will in time find themselves a new home.

The third you can’t take away anything, for they have not let anyone in.

The final, They will hold apart. Trying to keep solitude for they may not know better.
But should they let you in, they realise what could be.
Should you then leave, They lose trust and sometimes become the 3rd.

To be acknowledged, Even if it is to be denied.
Will not send the spiderweb fractures of complete avoidance.
Do not ignore someone because it is too much effort to deny them,
Do not leave them adrift in the sea of unknown.

I can survive on my own,
So long as I know I am.

Music, Reflection of the Soul

In my darkest moment,

on the bring of despair.

Unthinkingly voicing laments,

matching songs sung so fair.


Wallowing in self destruction,

with none to throw a saving line.

Swept in a sonic ocean,

music caressing so fine.


In my times of need,

with none for which to lean.

Musics call shall I heed,

and fall into its magic sheen.


Lyrics that call out to my soul,

a beat that urges on mine heart.

Soul reflecting to the call,

heart again pumping from the start.


With frienships close to failing,

heart already shattered beyond repair.

Music soothers through the relating,

knowledge of another that dared to care.


As the songs end draws ever closer,

my mind slides precariously close to the abyss.

My heart again strains and falters,

as I open doors and give welcome to darkness.


Do you dare to try to help me?

Do you dare to pretend to care?

I doubt you could even see…

or care what becomes of me.

New Year Resolutions

Once there was a time I honestly thought New Year Resolutions meant something.

But I can’t profess such a belief any longer.

Afterall, if it’s something we’ve waited until the new year. Is it truly important?

How many of us truly follow through with our resolutions after 3 months pass?

In the end is the how is a resolution formed at the beginning of the year any different to one formed on any particular day?

Is it not the measure of our resolve when we form resolutions that is the true underlying strength or weakness?

New Years is just the beginning of a year. New Years Eve the ending.

Although part of me finds romance to pick a time of Endings to finalise and abandon undesired things. Coupled with pairing New beginnings with the beginning of a new year.

New years may not have any true power. But it does mark a beginning. As such I suppose it is not so unusual to try to beget new things on such a day.

As for myself? I have one resolution again this year. It is one that I will likely hold onto for every year from this day forth.

“Happiness” May I have the resolve to continue searching no matter the thorns that line the path & the pitfalls that hide ahead.

Protected: Emotional Devestation, Rational Resurrection

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Protected: Once in Love, Forever Else in Hell and Despair

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Protected: Living Dead

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Madan no Ou to Vanadis Volume 3

Madan no Ou To Vanadis Volume 3



The knights have moved. Led by Roland, a renowned fighter and commander of unparalleled skill within the kingdom of Brune. They move for one reasonโ€ฆ To subjugate the traitor, Tigrevurmud Vorn.

Having resolved the threat of Ludmira, Tigre has started to consolidate his forces and allies in preparation for his conflict with Duke Thenardier. It is not soon after meeting with one of Ganelon’s close allies Marquis Greast, that Tigre learns how the kingdom of Brune has interpreted his mission of protection and justice.

With the knighthood against him and Roland closing in, Tigre struggles to maintain his army’s morale and keep peace between people of differing lands.


Oh that all the women are powerful and intimidating. In many ‘harem’ styled series this isn’t always the case. Even more enjoyable for me however is that Tigre, while still typically airheaded in this situation. Does have his sense of backbone and acknowledges the feelings of those around him and his own. Even if not to the degree or in the full manner.

Tigre continues to grow and we see his troubled seeking of answers. What is his bow? Why does he have those powers? Can he bring peace and understanding between his forces and those of Zhcted? We watch as he acknowledges there is more to the world than his land of Alsace and begins to form questions as to the nature and relationships of differing lands.

The mysterious power of his bow continues to remain shrouded in mystery, though we will learn part of it’s potential and past. With the introduction of Roland we are shown that the powers of the Vanadis are not limited to only Vanadis. Though this is something that should have been thought of with the power of Tigre’s bow. With two people unrelated to the Dragon Kingdom we can only wonder how many other such powers may be?

We meet one of Ellen’s close friends in greater detail as Sophie spends time to learn more about the one who so moved her friend. This being the third Vanadis in the third volume implies we can expect to learn about each Vanadis in each novel. Although that is only based on early thoughts.

We see less in the way of battles and more in the way of preparations and maneuverings. The little we do see seems to be more in the fashion of showing us that Tigre and his allies are able to competently command and do indeed have the potential to fight against the much more numerous forces that lay before them.

This doesn’t stop me from drawing closer to my screen as I read a little faster in an attempt to reach the climactic clash of who will emerge victorious.

I do enjoy that each key figure does indeed get a backstory so far and we are indeed led to feel empathetic ties to each of them. Whether it be understanding, contempt or desire for the evil bastards to be killed off even a little faster.

The icing on the cake for me is that at the beginning we are shown small actions and plans set in motion. Yet they are not again mentionedโ€ฆ What has been happening outside of the battlefields? I’m sure that we will find more answers in the next volume. Oh you evil author youโ€ฆ

I’ll give it an 8/10 because I enjoy this series. I like the characters and story. The way the two kingdoms are continue to have smaller diplomatic maneuverings gives us even greater possibility for the future. Besides Mira gets more spotlight next volume ๐Ÿ˜‰ and Sasha is Delectable on the eyes ๐Ÿ˜‰ mwahaha. Yes I would give a higher score if something is pleasing on the eyes ๐Ÿ˜‰ Not that I would enjoy something purely because of that though :p

Rating 8/10


Madan no Ou to Vanadis Volume 2

Madan no Ou To Vanadis Volume 2



After successfully defending Alsace, Tigre must find resolve to finish what he has begun. With only Ellen and her forces he is in need of allies.

As he seeks to become a third power to prevent the two dukes in the civil war from harming his people and the reign of tyranny that would occur should they succeed. The intrigues and power plays of the Vanadis begin to play a role.

Bordering the territory that Ellen controls Ludmira Lurie has begun to move in accordance with her allies wishes.

If there is any hope for Ellen to assist Tigre, Ludmira must first be dealt with.


I find Mira’s character to be quite cute. I especially like the childish Love/hate/Rivalry that she shares with Ellen. At the least she is able to accept her mistakes and will take responsibility if she becomes aware of them.

Clearly my favourite of the series ๐Ÿ˜‰ fufufufu.

It was no doubt inevitable for there to be battles between the Vanadis with there being seven of them. But the fact that a rival to Ellen was the first fits rather well.

I do enjoy the small moments of political intrigue and manoeuvring that this series will sometimes touch upon. But mostly I enjoy the character relationships and interactions.

It may seem a little broken that a ‘lowly’ aristocrat like Tigre so readily and easily deals with people of importance like the Vanadis. However the way it seems to stem from his causal and easy-going personality rather than some narcissistic complex are one of the ways I find it bearable.

I’ll give it an 8/10 because I’m enjoying the action, build-ups, character development and my favourite Vanadis appeared ๐Ÿ˜‰

Rating 8/10


Madan no Ou to Vanadis Volume 1

Madan No Ou to Vanadis



Tigre, a minor noble of the country Brune is captured by one of the 7 Vanadis of the neighbouring

Zhcted Kingdom. Beings whose authority is 2nd to the King.

As he comes to terms with becoming a Prisoner of War he intrigues the Vanadis Eleanor and she takes interest in his exceptional skill with the Bow; a weapon disdained in the country of Brune.

While those who care for him and await his return do what they can in order to raise a hefty ransom to ensure his freedom. He decides to learn what he can from his neighbor and captor; inadvertently winning over the locals with his earnest and casual ways.

Meanwhile, trouble brews in Brune and a shadow closes in on his lands.


I like the casual and easygoing mentality of Tigre. Added with is sense of integrity and care for his land and people, he makes a rather likable main character.

The overbearing Ellen, Vanadis of Zhcted Kingdom starts off as an aloof power. But quickly show themselves to be reasonable and honorable. Although their interest and desire for challenges can be unsettling.

In my second read through of this series I am enjoying the potential and the not so subtle foreshadowing that lets you know if you hang around a little longer. Things will go up a few levels. The unique terms of the series don’t take too long to get used to and typically only relate to the names of Vanadis, Dragon Tools (weapons of Vanadis) and special attacks by Vanadis.

While the pacing may seem slow at times. I find it perfectly bearable as the ‘slice of life’ moments add enjoyability and make the characters much more likable.

I’d rate it an 8/10 because I enjoy the theme, potential and characters personalities. While kingdoms at odds are a common theme in stories. The inner struggles that are only just starting to come to light in this novel made it impossible to resist the second volume for me.

Rating 8/10


Ps (It’s unlikely anything I’m rereading any time soon will fall below 8/10. Or anything on my foreseeable ‘want to read’ list >_>)