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Utsuro No Hako To Zero No Maria Volume 6

24 June, 2013

The Empty Box and The Zeroth Maria Volume 6



The show is half over. Yet that does not seem to grant any relief for either side of this struggle. The mysterious ‘O’ has been revealed and declared themselves to be Kazuki’s enemy. After awakening to a truth that will hurt those he cares for and possibly lead to his ruin, Kazuki continues on with an unbreakable resolve. Truly, for so long as he has a goal, he will not surrender and shall pay any price.

Daiya begins to worry and weave interchanging plans as he fights to gain an informational edge and find a way to defeat Kazuki and protect his wish.

Aya has turned her back upon any possible return to humanity and accepted to accompany Daiya in the fight against Kazuki. Yuuri continues to baffle and bewilder her would be master as she plays both sides with the Undeniable intention of ‘helping’ Kazuki… She alone knows if her ‘help’ will be accepted as such or thought of as betrayal.

With only 2 screenings left and all the actors entering the stage. This final showdown will reach a conclusion.


I can understand and agree with Kazuki and his actions… But I hate him for it. I hate that he is able to so easily hurt others with the simple justification “For Maria”. It drives home that he is truly abnormal and I can’t help but wonder if there is more to why he is like this beyond what is revealed so far.

I do like how he does regain enough clarity of mind to realise just how much of a monster he is becoming. Regardless of his decision to stay the path and follow to it’s inevitable painful destructive end… The fact he is aware of and understands the pain he is inflicting, I feel without this understanding his actions and state of mind would become shallow and meaningless.

I find myself wanting Maria to wake up to herself and realise that she shouldn’t need to deny herself her own happiness for others. The fact she can easily disregard her feelings makes me pity her and allows me to side with Kazuki regardless of the suffering others may need to endure.

As we progress we find out the plots within plots. Ironically both sides intending the same result going about convoluted methods to reach it. Seeing the relationship between Kokone, Daiya & Haruaki really drives home how messed up everyone in the spotlight of this series seems to be.

I found the ending very sudden, beyond one guess I can’t fathom how the finale of the series will end. This will likely gnaw at me until it’s release and translation… One more series that will torment me in it’s incomplete state.

I’ll be scoring this an 8/10 as the rest. I personally found myself able to empathise with many of the trauma addled characters this round. It was refreshing to see a lot of what has made the characters how they are. I think I’ve worn myself out a little these past 3 days as I seem to be able to think of less to justify my reasoning.

Rating 8/10


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