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Madan no Ou to Vanadis Volume 2

24 May, 2014

Madan no Ou To Vanadis Volume 2



After successfully defending Alsace, Tigre must find resolve to finish what he has begun. With only Ellen and her forces he is in need of allies.

As he seeks to become a third power to prevent the two dukes in the civil war from harming his people and the reign of tyranny that would occur should they succeed. The intrigues and power plays of the Vanadis begin to play a role.

Bordering the territory that Ellen controls Ludmira Lurie has begun to move in accordance with her allies wishes.

If there is any hope for Ellen to assist Tigre, Ludmira must first be dealt with.


I find Mira’s character to be quite cute. I especially like the childish Love/hate/Rivalry that she shares with Ellen. At the least she is able to accept her mistakes and will take responsibility if she becomes aware of them.

Clearly my favourite of the series 😉 fufufufu.

It was no doubt inevitable for there to be battles between the Vanadis with there being seven of them. But the fact that a rival to Ellen was the first fits rather well.

I do enjoy the small moments of political intrigue and manoeuvring that this series will sometimes touch upon. But mostly I enjoy the character relationships and interactions.

It may seem a little broken that a ‘lowly’ aristocrat like Tigre so readily and easily deals with people of importance like the Vanadis. However the way it seems to stem from his causal and easy-going personality rather than some narcissistic complex are one of the ways I find it bearable.

I’ll give it an 8/10 because I’m enjoying the action, build-ups, character development and my favourite Vanadis appeared 😉

Rating 8/10


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