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New Year Resolutions

1 January, 2015

Once there was a time I honestly thought New Year Resolutions meant something.

But I can’t profess such a belief any longer.

Afterall, if it’s something we’ve waited until the new year. Is it truly important?

How many of us truly follow through with our resolutions after 3 months pass?

In the end is the how is a resolution formed at the beginning of the year any different to one formed on any particular day?

Is it not the measure of our resolve when we form resolutions that is the true underlying strength or weakness?

New Years is just the beginning of a year. New Years Eve the ending.

Although part of me finds romance to pick a time of Endings to finalise and abandon undesired things. Coupled with pairing New beginnings with the beginning of a new year.

New years may not have any true power. But it does mark a beginning. As such I suppose it is not so unusual to try to beget new things on such a day.

As for myself? I have one resolution again this year. It is one that I will likely hold onto for every year from this day forth.

“Happiness” May I have the resolve to continue searching no matter the thorns that line the path & the pitfalls that hide ahead.

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