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Music, Reflection of the Soul

7 January, 2015

In my darkest moment,

on the bring of despair.

Unthinkingly voicing laments,

matching songs sung so fair.


Wallowing in self destruction,

with none to throw a saving line.

Swept in a sonic ocean,

music caressing so fine.


In my times of need,

with none for which to lean.

Musics call shall I heed,

and fall into its magic sheen.


Lyrics that call out to my soul,

a beat that urges on mine heart.

Soul reflecting to the call,

heart again pumping from the start.


With frienships close to failing,

heart already shattered beyond repair.

Music soothers through the relating,

knowledge of another that dared to care.


As the songs end draws ever closer,

my mind slides precariously close to the abyss.

My heart again strains and falters,

as I open doors and give welcome to darkness.


Do you dare to try to help me?

Do you dare to pretend to care?

I doubt you could even see…

or care what becomes of me.

From → Personal Musings

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