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Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

1 November, 2016

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir


Set in a magical world where one war ended with the destruction of a country in possession of a powerful artifact led straight into a new war between the two surviving kingdoms who desired it.

Odin Sphere tells a saga of the time of prophecy where the end of the world is on the horizon and the great powers are trying to do what they can to ensure they are the ones to survive it.

Gwendolyn, Valkyrie of Aesir; Cornelius, Prince of Pookas; Mercedes, Queen of Fairies; Oswald, Shadow Knight; Velvet, Witch of Valentine.

Each of these characters will cross each others path on the road to Armageddon as they fates intertwine. Will they find the things they seek and survive it all?

Read through the books while you stroke your cat in the attic to find what happened at the end of the story.



Reminiscent of arcade side-scrollers, OdinSphere offers much in the way of story while not losing to its roots of quick paced combat in the scrolling maps.

OdinSphere offers flexible difficulty that can be changed on the fly so that if you wish to enjoy the compelling story you can breeze through the campaign or if you enjoy to work for your rewards… Force yourself into the corner where boss fights require knowledge of the mechanics.

One of the defining aspects of the game is how the system rewards you based on your ‘score’ on each screen which is determined by how quickly and effectively you combat. Higher scores naturally snowball into keeping your power at the level needed to maintain future scores.

Unlike some games that use similar score rewards though (Chaos Legion *cough cough*) You are not going to be punished for scoring poorly. you can revisit the stage and work on improving as much as you desire. without losing any of the obtained benefits, if you hit the wall this grind will be how to bounce back.

Interestingly the easiest way to level and build a characters survival in this game is through the food system. Which gives XP and permanent HP.

if you combine the Passive skill from level ups with a max rank Yogurt and go on a Massfeeding. you will gain more an insane advantage.

I started the game because the box has been staring at me for a few months now and I decided to work on my Gaming backlog. From the beginning to the end. I became absorbed into the story, which takes a twist in telling through each of the 5 characters one at a time. gradually revealing the greater scheme and giving answers to questions raised in the first few chapters.

Growing attached to the characters and seeing their inner thoughts to events that occur really keep ones interest in the story alive and give one hopes towards what may happen in the ending.

Should the player achieve all possible scenes and follow the Prophecy at the end, then the rewarded ‘True Ending’ is well worth it. (though the bad endings can also be bitterly enjoyable as well)

If you have played games such as Dust~An Elysian Tale and enjoyed them. Then I would recommend giving this game a try.

Banzai for Norse Mythology and Epics turned into stories

Rating 7/10


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