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16 January, 2015

There are those who so clearly would not survive should you take from them thier friends.

There are those who would somehow persevere and in time make more.

There are those who live life without connecting to anyone and for them this is happiness.

Then there are those who don’t need a flock of people.
They could make it through alone.
But truly they desire for that danger of human contact.
They don’t care about popularity or fitting in.
Only on finding someone who will show they are not alone.

You take the first away and you will see them fade away to nothing.

You take the second and they will be shaken. But they won’t give up and will in time find themselves a new home.

The third you can’t take away anything, for they have not let anyone in.

The final, They will hold apart. Trying to keep solitude for they may not know better.
But should they let you in, they realise what could be.
Should you then leave, They lose trust and sometimes become the 3rd.

To be acknowledged, Even if it is to be denied.
Will not send the spiderweb fractures of complete avoidance.
Do not ignore someone because it is too much effort to deny them,
Do not leave them adrift in the sea of unknown.

I can survive on my own,
So long as I know I am.

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